The best iPhone XS Max prices: great deals for December 2023

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Getting the lowest iPhone XS Max prices is as easy as scrolling down this page and clicking the current best deal. We've used our deal-finding widget to pull in all the live deals on Apple's 2018 iPhone XS and XS Max (it's bigger brother), so you don't have to do the hard work. 

We still rate the iPhone XS Max and the XS as great phones. Released at the same time as the iPhone XR - the more budget option - it boasts an OLED screen, which is 5.8-inch for the XS and 6.5-inch for the XS Max. Both have the powerful A12 Bionic chip.

Cost-wise, the 2018 launch price of the iPhone XS was $999/£999 for 64GB; and the iPhone XS Max price was $1,099/£1,099 for 64GB. As you get more storage capacity, the cost goes up, but as Apple no longer sells the iPhone XS or the XS Max, you should expect to pay around $50/£50 less for both, on average. Obviously, anything lower than that is a deal worth investigating. 

If you're looking for the cheaper sibling, check out the best iPhone XR deals page. Or see our guide to the best iPhone 13 Pro prices, and the best iPhone 12 deals.

The best iPhone XS Max prices right now: contracts and SIM-only

Is the iPhone XS still worth it in 2022? 

Absolutely, yes! Don't be fooled, just because Apple doesn't sell any of the iPhone XS or XR range, doesn't mean they're no longer a good option. The iPhone XS and the XS Max are great handsets, with OLED displays and 12MB camera, and though you won't get the triple camera magic of the latest iPhone 13, you'll only be asked to negotiate a far lower price point for it. So, do you want the latest tech in your iPhone? If that's a deal breaker, head over to the best iPhone 13 deals. But if paying less is more important, seeking out the lowest iPhone XS Max prices is a great idea. 

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