The best Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium bundle deals in February 2024

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The best Xencelabs Pen Tablet medium bundle deals are pretty easy to find. Well, as long as you use this bespoke page that pulls in all the current live deals on offer. The Xencelabs Pen Tablet was released in early 2021, created by ex-Wacom employees, and it comes with two styluses and a Quick Key device, giving you more buttons and a dial. This means you've got up to 40 programable shortcuts at your fingertips. But what should all this cost? 

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet medium bundle retails at $379.99/£339.99 and as you can see from our glowing  Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium review, we think that asking price is decent. However, you can get good Xencelabs Pen Tablet medium bundle deals, and we've seen the price drop up to $100 lower than the retail price before. 

In fact, right now the best US deal that we can find is $299.99 over at B&H Photo the best we've ever seen! And the best UK deal is over at Xencelabs, bringing the price down to £271.99 over at xencelabs

Below you'll find the best current Xencelabs Pen Tablet medium bundle prices available, wherever you are in the world. And if you want to get some more ideas, check out our list of the best drawing tablets overall. 

Xencelabs Pen Tablet medium bundle deals

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Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium bundle

The best affordable drawing tablet around.

Active drawing area: 10.3 x 5.8in | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 | Connections: USB-C to USB-A

Quality build
Loads of programmability 
Bundle includes accessories
Nothing at this price

We have chosen the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium our very top pick of the best drawing tablets out there – and we know what we're talking about! We've tested all the drawing tablets that are currently available, and we think this tablet – or this tablet bundle, to be precise – offers such great value for money, that it should be the first choice of the majority of digital creatives. 

And you can get all this for well under $400/£400. Right now the absolute best deal we've seen on this bundle is down to $299, which is an insanely good deal if you're in the US. If you're not, have a look down below to see the very best deals that are available in your part of the world...

Which is the best drawing tablet brand?

Time was there would be an easy answer to this question – and that answer was 'Wacom'. But times have changed, and with the increase of more affordable, quality drawing tablets coming from the likes of Huion and XP-Pen, there is no clear winner. However, when we got our hands on the Xencelabs Pen Tablet medium bundle for our review, we were blown away by the combination of quality and enticing price point certainly makes the Xencelabs Pen Tablet a contender. 

In the end, it's all about what device feels right for you, but we will say that the inclusion of two pens and a brilliantly designed Quick Key console makes the Xencelabs Pen Tablet bundle a singular option. 

What comes with a Xencelabs Pen Tablet bundle?

Whether you're getting the medium or small Xencelabs Pen Tablet, there are options of getting it with the two styluses, or going for a bundle that also includes the Quick Key device. Both pens offer 60 degrees of tilt support, and 8,192 pressure levels, plus lag-free tracking, and the Quick Key device gives you up to 40 programable buttons. 

The small Xencelabs Pen Tablet costs $199.99/£179.90. And although Xencelabs isn't offering a small bundle deal, if you add the Quick Key device into your cart, the total will cost you $289.98/£259.80

The medium tablet (no bundle) retails at $279/£249.90. The Xencelabs Pen Tablet medium bundle will cost you $379.99/£339.99, but as you can see from the links above, there are deals to be had! 

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