Create impressive infographics with this new tool

No Photoshop skills? No problem!

Words: Chris Harries is a cool little mix between Excel and Behance that allows anyone to create stunningly beautiful and effective infographics.

With's access to a wide variety of graphs, charts and maps as well as the ability to upload pictures and videos creating infographics has never been easier (or more fun).

You can create online graphs and charts as well as full-blown infographics

Customising the data that makes up the infographic takes place in an Excel style spreadsheet and can easily be edited by changing what appears in each row and column to match your needs then watching the software automatically change the look of the graph to perfectly represent your data.

Graphs and charts

Although the main aim might be to create an infographic, you can also make graphs and charts individually. These can then become part of an infographic later if you choose.

You can publish your infographic to your own website and share it on social media

When you're happy with your infographic you can publish it to the infogram website for all to enjoy and even embed it in to your own website or share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

It just goes to show that with the right tools design doesn't have to be limited to those with Photoshop skills.

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