Behance portfolio of the week: Dusty Diamond

Dusty Diamond is an independent graphic designer based in the Seattle area who's worked both in large agency settings and as an independent contractor.

An experienced illustrator, he enjoys the challenge of creating unique design solutions that seamlessly combine all areas of his expertise. When not in his office, you can find him somewhere in the mountains or around the way sampling some of the best brew the northwest has to offer.

His portfolio is wide-ranging, taking in T-shirt illustrations, videogame promotion, logo design and much more beside. We've selected five of our favourites, but head to Behance to check out a fuller selection of Diamond's imaginative and inspiring work.

Whatever you think of this design, it's certainly attention grabbing

This awesome logo for a snowboarding video is as eye-catching as it is imaginative (albeit slightly disturbing at the same time).

02. Postcard

We're not sure what it is, but we'd love to have one as a pet

Diamond created this awesome postcard design for designer and classmate Lisa Volz.

03. Advertisement

The Elvis impersonator skeleton is our favourite

This full page advertisement announces Symptoms and Spooky Kookys: two new vinyl toy lines from Flapjack Toys, a new company from Mike Becker (formerly of FunKo).

04. Record cover

It's a vinyl sleeve! It's a poster! It's great, that's what it is.

We love our album art at Creative Bloq and think back wistfully to the days when the record player reigned supreme. But vinyl's by no means dead, and Diamond created this 7-inch inch vinyl packaging - in the form of a 18x24-inch folded poster sleeve - for Seattle indie band Forgive Durden.

05. Branding

Making a Microsoft product look hip is a tall order, but we reckon he's managed it here

This illustrated brand work for the Xbox Music Showcase initiative puts a refreshing new spin on the videogame console's image.

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