Letterpress business card that becomes a chair

One minute it's a business card, the next it's a Gerald Summers armchair. Cool, huh?

What you see here is a neat letterpress business card and mailer for furniture shop Bentply in Marylebone, London that can be made into a mini bent plywood chair.

Elegante Press combines handicraft, antique presses (some around 100 years old), beautiful paper, and hand-mixed inks to make their products

The ingenious card is designed by art director, writer, and designer Richard C Evans and produced by Elegante Press in Lithuania. Just follow the instructions and the kiss-cut card can be folded into a miniature of the iconic 1934 plywood armchair designed by Gerald Summers.

All Elegante's products are hand made using 100% cotton (tree-free) paper and oil based inks

To ensure that the card was strong yet flexible enough to be bent into a chair-shape, Elegante bought special recycled paper and triplexed it together to achieve strength while ensuring it won't be damaged while folding.

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