Designers' New Year's resolutions for 2014

Happy New Year! It's a time for new projects, new collaborations and even new beginnings. And we all have resolutions - things we want to happen over the next 12 months.

Whether it's personal resolutions like shedding a few pounds or professional like getting a new, better paid job, when the date ticks over to January 1st, it's time to start thinking about putting your plans into action. So, what do top designers want from 2014? We picked their brains to find out.

01. "Work with more people"

"If 2013 has taught me anything is that expansion and collaboration is key," says Mike Sullivan, the designer also known as Studio Mister. The designer with a particular talent for digital continues: "My professional resolution is to expand, employ and work with the finest. The key for me is to work with teams and individuals that are out with the design industry. Experience more."

02. "Try out new technologies"

"Experiment with new technologies more and step out of the comfort zone would be one of my resolutions - I do this to some extent already with small side projects but I'd love to take it up a notch, perhaps learn a new programming language," enthuses web designer and motion graphics artist Thomas Davis. He continues: "I'm also going to try and write more about the processes behind the work I do - I've started doing this already in my portfolio, rather than simply listing or showing the work that I've done I'll share what goes into creating a particular feature on a website, or how a certain motion graphics piece has been put together."

03. "Get out of the studio more"

"This year we’ve been busy growing the studio, which has meant long hours in it," says a weary yet enthusiastic Kyle Wilkinson - founder of design agency DMSQD. "Next year I’ve already to started to plan getting out of the studio a little more and head to some of the fantastic events on offer such as OFFF in Barcelona as well as meeting up with some clients and peers in NYC," he continues. "I’d love to collaborate more too as it always cooks up some interesting results - so if you fancy it get in touch!"

04. "Involve my team more"

Rob Hampson of We Make Awesome Sh has a clear goal for 2014. "I want to continue working closely with our clients and honing the design process," he begins. "Everyone we work with is part of our team. It's important we make sure we're doing the best we can to involve them at every stage of each project." As for a personal resolution? "I want to complete some of the many self-initiated projects I've started but never finished!" Sounds familiar, right?

05. "Relaunch my website"

"As 2013 draws to a close, I can luckily look back at another busy work year, and 2014 is already shaping up to be full of interesting and challenging project commissions," says multidisciplinary designer Tom Muller. "One challenge will be to relaunch the new helloMuller site, which has been on-and-off in development and number one on my new year resolution list for the past three years now - ever since I set up my own practice."

Tom Muller created this illustration for TV Guide

Tom Muller created this illustration for TV Guide

He continues: "Although, progress has been made… incrementally so. A fancy "holding page" is currently online, giving people a cursory glance at some of the work I've been keeping from everyone the last few years and a sneak peek at what will ultimately be the new site. I look forward to revealing my new site in 2015!" We look forward to seeing it.

06. "Make the jump from in-house to agency"

"Having been an in-house designer for around 14 years now, I’d like to try to make the jump to an agency – if they’ll have me," smiles Benjamin Green. "I absolutely love what I do but would really relish a change right now," he continues. "If I don’t get that far, my next aim is to complete and publish a bespoke typeface. I’ve alway wanted to explore and experiment in that area. Lots of alphabets knocking around the hard drive that need finishing!"

07. "Draw some naked people"

3D World magazine's technical editor Rob Redman has an artistic plan for 2014. "I get asked for a lot of advice for 3D artists and I often recommend life drawing classes, to improve understanding of form and lighting," he says. "However it's been quite some time since I did any so 2014 will see me grabbing my Cintiq or pencil and pad to head off to my nearest class, so I can reinforce my own skills."

08. "Sort out my finances"

For Manchester-based creative Andy Cooke, 2014 will be the year of sorting out finances once and for all. "It’s always been a weak point and it’s a source of never-ending flack from the wife," he laughs. He continues: "I guess the usual as well - eat better, exercise plenty, stay industrious." But there's one that will ring true with everyone: "Really, the umbrella resolution is just to keep my wife happy."

09. "Use my time better"

Since becoming a dad in 2013, I've found that spare time is now a dwindling resource," explains prolific designer Craig Ward. "My main objective for 2014 therefore is to make the most of the time that I actually do have by only taking on projects I really want to do."

10. "Expand my agency"

"2013 was a great year and it makes me want more," enthuses Thiago Maia, director at Cake. "I really want to spend some time to bring new fresh clients to Cake and am looking forward to expanding the studio," he continues. "We want to expand, have a little bit bigger space and bring another two or three new people on board to help us to do some nice work. As a director and animator, I want to push and learn more 3D and spend more time working in personal projects. And also get back to some stop-motion and maybe a few print projects next year."

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We'd love to hear YOUR New Year's resolutions too - share them in the comments below!

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