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Giant projection mapping lights up festival

Immersive media studio Drawlight created a monumental projection mapping on the Basilica Palladiana, an architectural Reinassence masterpiece in the historical heart of Vicenza, and one of Italy's most famous buildings. You can get an idea of the spectacle from the video above, although nothing beats seeing it in person.

The Start Up International Festival is an art and music event which consists of two nights of live music, international DJs, art exhibits, conferences and workshops, where you can get face-to-face with the artists involved.

Drawlight's Elena Pastorelli explains: "We are particularly proud of this event, because we were allowed to take this piece of history and give it a new life: it collapsed, had been bombarded, set on fire, and born again through a concert of colours directed by an orchestra leader in flesh and blood, we made it dance together with the audience..."

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