Mobile card game blends digital game-play with dark evocative art

afterland poster

Following with the traditional and digital paintings of characters that Imaginary Games' Elin Jonsson, Chris Powell and Sarita Kolhatkar posted on multiple social media channels (including their Facebook page), mobile collectible-card game Afterland was born.

The duo created new characters by interpreting feedback from Facebook's metrics as well as individual comments, likes and shares.

horus and star

Game mechanics are explained by a narrative between Horus and Star

Tight community

The community played a key role in shaping this unique intellectual property that has achieved an unprecedented amount of visibility for a mobile game in development.

The team used a kickstarter campaign to get the project up and running and the detailed, darkly evocative artwork has played a major role in picking up interest.

back of the card

A world of darkness ruled by a black rabbit with a one eye, who features on the back of each card

Inspired by Dia de Muertos and targeted towards young women, the game explores macabre, surreal and expressionistic themes with a focus on outsiders reminiscent of Tim Burton.

"After drinking their choice of poison, players must journey towards a distant light by travelling through a world of darkness ruled by a black rabbit with a one eye," reveals Chris.

Afterland full of wonderful, misunderstood weird characters

"Players of Afterland begin their journey as lost souls wandering the perilous, dark roads of the afterlife. Marked as mists for 'flaws' in their magical abilities, these seemingly abandoned characters are forced to make the arduous journey alone.

"Game mechanics are explained by a narrative between two characters named Horus and Star. They represent Afterland's unique visual style and their relationship is inspired by Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant."

Dark and light

Elin Jonsson adds, "We allow both sides (dark and light) to co-exist in Afterland and it creates a good mix of characters. We also help each other to not go to extreme in one direction. Afterland is the space between life and death and the world is full of wonderful misunderstood weird characters."

Chris hopes the themes of social rejection and acceptance will attract a new audience, specifically from the gothic subculture.

Here are some of the stunningly sinister characters...


The Uncanny's inhabit Afterland's Uncanny Valley

One of twelve exotic women of the Zodiaxe

One of twelve exotic women of the Zodiaxe


Tics: "Where can I find the toymaker who build these wonderful humans?"


Climb Afterland's debaucherous ladder of excess with the Aristocrats

The Plaguemen are living masks who seem to be part of their sinister hosts

The Plaguemen are living masks who seem to be part of their sinister hosts


Afterland's Fink is modelled after The Wizard of Oz's Scarecrow

The game is available to download on phones and tablets from October 2nd.

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