The 7 golden rules of UX design

7 golden rules of UX
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When we think of UX, we tend to think usability, or at least we used to. However these days UX is a much broader church with many more aspects to consider than straightforward usability. Like web design tools, UX rules and best practices keep on evolving, and if you've been sticking to the same UX process for the past few years then they're almost certainly in need of an update.

Whether you need to overhaul your UX workflow completely (if you are building a new site, you could consider a website builder), or just want to check that you're ticking all the right UX boxes, take a look at the 7 essential rules of UX for 2019 and beyond. 

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Previously a design blog editor at Toptal and SitePoint, and before that a freelance product/UX designer and web developer for several years, Daniel Schwarz now advocates for better UX design alongside industry leaders such as InVision, Adobe, Net Magazine, and more. In his free time, Daniel loves gaming, café culture and Wikipedia, and also travels perpetually when there isn’t a pandemic.