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Krzysztof Domaradzki’s Blade Runner cover workshop sets the tone of the issue: how to create the stunning art used in film production. Krzysztof focuses on protagonist Rachael and applies sci-fi architecture from the iconic film, sharing his thoughts on tone, colour scheme lighting. 

Elsewhere, Avatar environment artist Victor Martinez  creates a sci-fi setting using real-world photo references, and Brittany Myers, an animator at Sony Pictures, reveals her tips for bringing characters to life through movement.

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There's more! We speak to Darrell Warner, who’s worked on Pirates of the Caribbean and many other Hollywood blockbusters. The issue also bulges with original Planet of the Apes art, a Guillermo del Toro-inspired painting art, a packed Q&A section, inking techniques in Clip Studio Paint, and much more.

Also inside the issue... 

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We hear about the ILM-ArtStation Star Wars challenge, which led to an amazing prize for one artist.
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We nose around Michael Manomivibul’s studio, a man who lives very close to his art.
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We peer into Tom Fowler’s sketchbook to see a motley crew of weird and wonderful characters.
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See how Jana Heidersdorf takes inspiration from the films of legendary director Guillermo del Toro.

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