Can green UX save the world?

Green UX
(Image credit: Kym Winters)

Green UX is probably a term you'll hear more and more in the coming years. For all the benefits that technology brings, there is a dark cloud that hangs over all of us. This cloud chases us in newspapers every day and is felt across the entire world. It makes us fear for the future and question our habits – our youth is even skipping school to demand action. This cloud is mostly made up of CO2 and its name is climate change. 

Among the many culprits of rising carbon emissions is the IT sector. It embodies the very thing that has defined the 21st century and includes everyone from UX designers to tech giants such as Apple or Google. It connects the entire globe and, unsurprisingly, requires a lot of energy to operate. (Keep all this mind mind when choosing a web hosting provider, too).

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Costa is a content writer at Justinmind, a leading prototyping tool; she lies awake at night thinking about our collective future.