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5 uplifting projects that will make you smile

Sometimes the world doesn't seem such a happy place, particularly on Twitter. That's why we've decided to celebrate the work that makes us smile. It may not be exactly the same as the work that brings you cheer, of course, but perhaps it'll be a starting point to find more happiness-inducing projects.

Once you've got your own curated list of work that makes you grin, it might be time to update who you follow, or create your own 'happy list'. And if you're looking to update your own design portfolio, then why not create something with a bit of humour or cheer in mind? It could go down well at your next job interview (see our design jobs board if you're looking for a new challenge).

We should also say that we were originally inspired by Luke Tonge's tweet on this subject. See the thread below for more suggestions to bring cheer.

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Without further ado, here are our top five projects sure to raise a smile.

01. Soft Spot 

Philippa Rice's work combines a mish-mash of styles, and this video of animations made with her partner Luke Pearson is a random mix of shorts involving her characters. There are crochet characters on the washing line, dancing paper characters, and a creature playing what we think is a banjo. What can we say? We like it.

02. Liquid Death

Liquid Death couldn't be more different to Soft Spot. It's vulgar, it's violent, and it's selling... bottled water. So it's probably best not to delve into why we like it, but it does still make us laugh. Liquid Death was created by Mike Cessario, who has a background in advertising and marketing, Pat Cook, a heavy metal bartender, JR Riggins, a manufacturing expert and animator Will Carsola, who's best known for animated sitcom Mr Pickles (created for Adult Swim). Read more about Liquid Death here.

03. NOYO

identity for NOYO

NOYO's identity embodies the word 'joyful'

This campaign for National Open Youth Orchestra– the world's first disabled-led youth orchestra – never fails to cheer us up. It combines vibrant colours with bold shapes, and bold statements, and was created by Fiasco Design. "No more barriers," says the campaign. "Just great music." And who are we to argue with that?

04. Enough

Multi-awarding winning short film Enough by Anna Mantzaris isn't exactly the jolliest of films, but it did make us laugh. The animated short chronicles characters losing control, in a number of familiar irritating situations. If you've ever felt like throwing your computer on the floor or shoving a plate of spaghetti in someone's face, this one's for you.

05. Viva la Vulva

Viva la Vulva, a campaign for Libresse by Somesuch, recently won a Black Pencil at the D&AD Awards, and we're not in the least bit surprised. Instead of all the usual elements of a period product campaign: people in white trousers, rollerskating and blue liquid, it instead has singing vulvas, a Barbie doll looking in horror at her smooth genitals and real women talking about their vaginas. We also love the soundtrack – a reworked version of Fatboy Slim's Praise You. Viva la Vulva indeed.

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