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Folio focus: BLOW

Ever since he was young, Ken Lo planned to open his own studio – it was simply a case of waiting for the right time. The right time turned out to be 2010, and the studio was BLOW, a Hong Kong-based practice counting branding, identity, packaging and environmental graphics amongst its specialisms.

Despite a long-standing desire to be master of his own studio, Lo has strong feelings about self-indulgent design: “One of the most important principles is we can’t be selfish. We can’t just do some beautiful design that doesn’t have any value.”

This is never so true as in Lo’s branding work, amongst which one standout project is Freespace Fest, an interactive creative event in Hong Kong. The challenge for the studio was to capture the festival’s complex concept and spirit, resulting in a logo that changes across different applications.

“For the logo, we wanted to express the freedom and interaction of the festival within the grasslands, so it is not limited to a fixed version,” explains Lo.