33 InDesign tutorials to level up your skills

09. Create vertical text in InDesign

Vertical text is an easy way to add interest to designs

Vertical text can instantly add interest to your designs, and is ideal for use on posters or for headlines within editorial layouts. This step-by-step InDesign tutorial from InDesignSkills shows you how to create and format vertical text within your documents.

10. Three new text features in InDesign CC

In this video tutorial, Adobe evangelist Terry White talks though three new text features from the 2018 release of InDesign CC, all of which are set to delight typography fans.

The first feature is additional filters, which enable you to better organise your font list, so you can find what you want much quicker – for example, you can narrow down your list by serif or sans-serif fonts, or set it only to show decorative or script fonts. The second new feature enables you to search for fonts that are similar to one you have selected. The third feature enables you to place text in your CC library.

11. Wrap text around an object

Add flair by wrapping text around an object

You can wrap text around any object, including text frames, imported images, and objects you draw in InDesign CC. It's ideal for adding character and flair to your layouts. In this video tutorial Chad Chelius demonstrates the ins and outs of using the Text Wrap tool.

12. Set a print bleed

Set up print bleed so you avoid white margins

If your print design extends all the way to the edge of the page, it's essential to include a print bleed so you avoid an ugly white margin. This InDesign tutorial shows you how to set this up, including adding crop marks for the bindery.

13. Control multiple page sizes

Learn how to control different page sizes in a single document

In this InDesign tutorial, you'll discover an easy way to control multiple page sizes within a single document. Using a fake magazine layout as an example, the tutorial walks you through manipulating page size, creating gatefolds and adding a spine.

14. Quickly duplicate content

Discover a simple way to duplicate content

Copy and pasting is a useful technique, but it has some shortcomings - which is where InDesign CS6's Content Collector tool comes in. In this five minute video tutorial, Adobe expert trainer Tony Harmer reveals the benefits of this tool.

15. Create a neon text effect

Create this cool text effect quickly

Light-up neon type is an ideal way to add a little 80s glamour to your designs. This tutorial shows you how to nail the effect in under five minutes – and the skills you'll learn are easy to apply to other designs, too. Time well spent.

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