33 InDesign tutorials to level up your skills

16. Design a book in InDesign

How to design a book in InDesign

There's more to laying out the pages of a book than you might think – and one mistake can lead to a hefty fix-up job. Make sure you get everything right the first time round with this step-by-step InDesign tutorial. Our comprehensive guide includes everything you need to know.

17. Design a book cover in InDesign

Learn how to design the perfect book cover

Once you've designed your book, you'll need an eye-catching cover. In this tutorial, designer Laura Hawk walks though how to design and create the perfect book cover in InDesign. She covers everything from setting up the bleed and arranging the cover panels to flowing in the blurb copy and putting together the back cover.

18. Design a fashion magazine cover

Use layered images and text to create a dynamic fashion cover

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create your own glamorous cover for a fictional fashion magazine, using layered images and text to create a dynamic, three-dimensional design, selecting and applying typography effectively and appropriately, and accounting for practical issues such as pricing and binding. The tutorial is focused in InDesign, but also hops over to Photoshop for a bit of image editing, so your Creative Cloud subscription will come in handy.

19. Design a promo for an imaginary brand

Consistency is key when you're designing for a brand

When you're designing for a brand, consistency across all touchpoints is key, so any design relating to the brand is instantly recognisable. In this Creative Bloq tutorial, Luke O'Neill walks you through how to create a simple A5 promo for a contemporary brand, detailing how to create and then archive graphic elements in an InDesign library.

20. Design a custom, print-ready pocket folder

Pocket folders are great for promotion

A pocket folder can be a powerful promotional tool. In this step-by-step InDesign tutorial, you'll learn how to create one, from setting up a dieline and creating your design through to preparing your file for delivery to your printing company.

21. Bind a book: a 10-step guide

Everything you need to know about binding your own book

A handmade self-promotional book can make a cost-effective, personal and unique alternative to help you stand out. In our tutorial, Karen Lewis explains how to bind a book in a few easy steps, from setting up page spreads and cover templates in InDesign to the essential tools and techniques you need to bind your own books.

22. Indesign layout shortcuts

Explore the Gap tool and Live Corner Effects

Learn how to scale and resize different gaps between objects and the best ways to use Live Corner Effects. This InDesign tutorial will teach you to how to quickly edit layouts without leaving the spread.

23. Create a calendar

Create a calendar in InDesign

Plan your time out and get organised with your own calendar. Plus, designing it yourself means you can set it up exactly how you want it! In this InDesign tutorial, magazine designer Jo Gulliver walks through how to design and edit a calendar using Scott Selberg’s Calendar Wizard script.

24. Create a 3D calendar

Cube calendars can be made in just 11 steps

Once you've mastered a 2D calendar, it's time to add an extra dimension. In this tutorial, Jo Gulliver reveals how you can create a 3D calendar by creating and manipulating cube nets in InDesign.

25. Design a glamorous Art Deco menu

This retro menu is all done with typography, shapes and borders

This easy-to-create Art Deco menu card recalls the geometric glamour of the Jazz Age, and it's the perfect way to add a touch of class to any dinner gathering. Best of all, it doesn't require any images; you can do everything using typography, shapes and borders alone.

26. Create reflective typography

Creating a reflection is easy; making it convincing is another matter

It's not difficult to create a basic reflection, but making it look convincing is just a little more complex. Here Luke O'Neill explains how to quickly create an environment for your type to sit in that follows the basic rules of directional light, and how to place type in it to create a convincing reflection.

27. Create glossy graphics

Here's how to make shiny things, if you really have to

Shiny and glossy graphics may not be to everyone's taste, but they certainly have their place and are often employed in sports branding and design. Luke O'Neill demonstrates how to achieve this look using InDesign, although the tips could also be applied to Illustrator.

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