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The label that changes colour when food goes bad

The amount of food we waste on a daily basis is beyond belief. Thousands of us throw away food directly from our cupboards and fridges as the food in question doesn't have the appropriate labelling to ease our food poisoning woes. That may all be about to change with this invention from Scotland-based startup Insignia Technologies.

Founded in 2012, the startup aims to help reduce unnecessary waste of food due to confusing or misinterpretation of food labels with this smart offering. Using a trio of colours, the label starts working as soon as a packet is opened - going from 'just opened', 'use soon' and then eventually 'past best'.

Raising almost £900,000 in funding, the company hopes to start commercial trials of the label in supermarkets and companies in the US, UK, and Europe. Do you think the labels will make a huge difference to the way we waste our food?

[via psfk]

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