Leading artists use the tent as their canvas

Stand out in the field with this glow-in-the-dark inspired design

As creatives, you may well be fed up with the usual, neutral and somewhat boring tent offerings that rarely change year in, year out. These hip and quirky designs from FieldCandy have arrived to breathe fresh air into an old and tired aspect of tent design. You'll certainly stand out in the field!

We love the colour choices made for this tent design

Perfect for when you can't remember where your tent is at a music festival (we've all been there!), each design is a treat for the eyes.

Designers involved in FieldCandy include Terry Pastor, best known for designing the cover to David Bowie's classic Ziggy Stardust album, fashion designers Basso & Brooke, Hungarian wildlife photographer Bence Mate and Australian graphic designer Jonathan Zewada. To see the full list of the designers, you can visit the FieldCandy designers section.

There'a always room for one more with Dazeray's tent design

If the whole world is a canvas, then why shouldn't a canvas tent be the medium for stunning designs? Hats off to Field Candy for this imaginative approach to product design.

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