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Create art with hexagonal pixels

This looks like a lot of fun! Hexels, a brand-new art program for designers has been released into the wild and has already received a lot of love from the design community. The grid-based offering was created by Ted Martens and Ken Kopecky, who make up Hex-Ray Studios. Established in 2012, both Ted and Ken have a passion for creativity, games, tools, and generally makin' cool stuff!


This artwork was created with the free version of Hexels

There are two versions of Hexels - one with the standard hexel draw mode, a few bonus shape modes, and the default glow feature. Hexels Pro will include all of the shape modes and features including:

  • All Shape Modes – Hexels, Trixels, Cubes, Starburst, Bevel, Plus, and Diamonds
  • Custom Shape Editor – create your own shapes to paint with
  • Outline tool – add outlines to your artwork
  • Glow Maps – get all of the glow maps and import your own images to use as glow
  • Unlimited export resolution - export your artwork at print quality
  • Workflow integration – export as vector with .svg (not including glow), or export the data to .xml and .csv
  • Updates and future features - get any new features as they're added


Use shapes to create simple yet striking pieces such as this

If you're still a little dubious, you can download the standard Hexels program absolutely free. If you find that it's your favourite new tool, you can purchase Hexels Pro for a mere $14.99. Seeing as the studio only launched both today, the duo are giving buyers 25 per cent off as part of the release sale.

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Will you be giving Hexels a try? Let us know in the comments box below!