35 amazing vector art tutorials

Now you've nailed the basics, scroll through our carefully curated collection of the best tutorials for creating a range of different characters.

When you've finished your characters, you can give your creations an environment to live in with our pro tutorials for creating landscapes.

12. Create profession avatars in Illustrator

Vector art tutorials characters

Discover new tips and tricks using Illustratro's Pathfinder panel, Clipping Masks and more

Illustrator and designer Yulia Sokolova walks through how to create a set of flat-style portraits – perfect for social media avatars or to denote different categories on your website, for example

13. Easy ways to add texture to vector graphics

If you like your artworks a bit grungy rather than squeaky-clean, then our tutorial on adding textures and grains to your vector artworks is for you. Luke O'Neill guides you through adding textures to the overall art as well as to individual elements.

14. Make a vector sugar skull

Another great video tutorial from Chris Spooner takes you through creating a Day of the Dead-inspired skull vector artwork in Illustrator using basic shapes – making it much easier than it looks. Coco movie art team move over, you'll soon be out-creating them with your Mexican designs.

15. The easy way to build quirky characters

Poked Studio founder Jonathan Ball explains how to transform basic geometric shapes into unique, colourful creatures with Illustrator's tools.

16. Create a vector anime character in Photoshop

This tutorial explains the process of creating a simple anime character from start to finish.

17. Create a vector Yeti character

Check out this simple tutorial, which uses as many basic shapes as possible to achieve a quirky style of illustration, then bring the yeti character to life with a palette of cold colours.

18. Vector a set of character poses

Here, you'll look at how to design a character for a video game, in this case a "beat 'em up". You'll work from the very first sketch to the final artwork.

19. How to create a vector art cartoon character

Want to bring your cartoon characters to life? This easy-to-follow vector art tutorial shows you just how to do it. As the Spoon Graphics site warns, it is an old tutorial (written in 2008), but it's a popular one, and much of the workflow and tips are still relevant to newer versions of Illustrator.

20. Create a vector map infographic

Learn how to create a simple map design in Illustrator with this handy tutorial from self-taught vector artist Andrei Marius.

21. Craft a vector landscape environment

This vector art tutorial shows the intermediate Adobe Illustrator artist how to make a dramatic vector landscape environment.

22. Create simple flowers with gradient mesh in Illustrator

In this easy-to-follow tutorial from Diana Toma, you'll learn how to create beautiful flowers with the help of the gradient mesh function in Illustrator.

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