35 amazing vector art tutorials

From creating dramatic text effects to texturing, collage, halftone effects and more, read on for our collection of the best tutorials for creating special effects in your vector artwork.

23. Draw vector portraits

Spanish artist Daniel Caballero is behind this tutorial from Digital Arts, which shows you how to create vector portraits in Photoshop from photo references. Caballero shows you how to use Photoshop's Pen tool and tricks to stylise lines to give a hand-drawn look.

24. Create an electric text effect

Vector art tutorials text

Create attention-grabbing text with this vector tutorial

In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to create an electricity text effect in Illustrator. From setting up a simple grid through to basic blending techniques, this tutorial is full of pro advice to help take your vector artwork further.

25. Layer up vectors for unique effects

Tom Mac reveals how to create a drip-effect portrait using Illustrator's Pen tool and some clever object layering techniques in this vector art tutorial.

26. Draw realistic liquid vector art

Speaking of drips, this tutorial from Digital Arts shows you how to create splashes of realistic liquid. Artist Jing Zhang shows you how to use Illustrator's Mesh tool, Warp tool and layer blending to create 3D effects in your vector art.

27. Create vintage vector textures

Vintage and retro-style illustrations have made a big comeback over recent years. Here, designer Ben Steers shares some insider tips and techniques to help give your vector illustrations a retro look.

28. Add depth to your vector art

Ben Steers explains how he created depth in this artwork, Gone Karting

Artist Ben Steers has put together this Illustrator tutorial for Digital Arts, where he shows you how to use gradient effects and opacity masks to stop your vector artworks looking flat. 

29. Create a sketch-style vector

There are many illustrations that call for a sketched or hand-drawn feel. Learn how to achieve this in Illustrator, along with the DynamicSketch and WidthScribe plugins, in this easy-to-follow vector art tutorial.

30. Create a vector glitter text art effect

Give your typography some sparkle. Follow this tutorial and learn how to create a vector glitter text effect in Illustrator.

31. Create vector halftone effects

Halftone is a way of reproducing a monochrome image using only dots of varying sizes. Artist Chris McVeigh walks you through the process in this four-step vector illustration tutorial.

32. Convert a bitmap to a vector image

This Inkscape tutorial demonstrates how to convert a bitmap image into a vector image by using Inkscape's Trace Bitmap function.

33. Create X-ray vector art

Artist Evert Martin explains how he made this deer artwork

Artist Evert Martin reveals the secrets behind his x-ray/holographic-looking artworks. Using Illustrator, learn how to turn some abstract contour sketches into beautiful 3D art.

34. How to create a vector image slider

Image sliders have been a common element of website design in recent years, especially in portfolio designs. This tutorial explains how create an image slider in Illustrator.

35. Create a textured collage with vector imagery and papercraft photography

Ciara Phelan shows you how to mix vector imagery with papercraft photography to create a textured collage with real depth.

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