20 creative iPhone cases for designers

We've scoured the world wide web to seek out the very best iPhone cases available. There's a huge variety out there, but we obviously wanted to focus on those that are particularly creative or have a clever piece of design. What we found included some with beautiful illustrations, whilst others are for specific practical purposes. So indulge yourself in these 20 stunning and creative iPhone case designs, and perhaps you'll be inspired for a piece of work you're involved in - or you'll want to add one to your Christmas list...

01. Tribal

iphone cases

Grab yourself a truly individual design with this iPhone case

Designer Jonny Wan has already worked with the likes of Microsoft, Nokia, and Urban Outfitters. This stunning tribal creation may not come cheap but it's certainly a feat in design. You can choose between a black or bamboo bezel, with $20 off for the latter choice.

02. Bird

iphone cases

You can choose your own colours when ordering this iPhone case

This hard-case iPhone cover is a pretty offering from the My Shining Gift Etsy store. If the cute design takes your fancy, you can request which colours you'd like for your very own iPhone case. Coming in at $14.99, it's a steal too!

03. Rain making

iphone cases

Own an aboriginal-inspired iPhone case from Ronnie Tjampitjinpa

This aboriginal-inspired iPhone case comes from World-famous artist ‪Ronnie Tjampitjinpa‬. The grand master of the Australian Indigenous Western Desert Art movement, the Aboriginal dreamtime adorns the hard, slim case and includes a screen protector.

04. Carved wood

iphone cases

Even though the real deal would be better, we love this wood-inspired print!

There's plenty of woodcraft-inspired iPhone cases out there but this one from the Dziner Cases Etsy shop is the one that caught our eye. Even though it would be better if it was actual carved wood, this inspired print is the next best thing. You're not going to get much better for $14.99!

05. Speech bubble

iphone cases

We love the playful design of this sillicone iPhone case

Now we're starting to get a bit more graphic! This playfully designed sillicone iPhone case comes from independent store Opening Ceremony. Founded in 2002 by two friends from UC Berkeley, Carol Lim, and Humberto Leon adopt a multinational approach to retail. This case is a mere $45!

06. Scosche

iphone cases

This iPhone case from Scosche was recently featured on Tech Radar

Recently featured on Tech Radar, this practical and protective iPhone case comes with a kick stand for all those important iPhone moments. The sleek black and grey design makes this one of the more understated inclusions in our list but you can also grab it in a blue and yellow design.

07. American Dream

iphone cases

This limited edition case is part of the SLOTH ethos

This limited edition iPhone case entitled 'American Dream' is featured on SLOTH. Originating in 2007 by Timmy Ham, SLOTH originally started off as Timmy Ham’s tag name and over the course of five years SLOTH has evolved into a life style brand backed with inspiration from pop culture and fashion.

08. Lego

iphone cases

This iPhone case design also comes in yellow and red

Who doesn't love Lego?! Well, if you're a regular visitor to Creative Bloq you'll have no doubt realised by now that we love a bit of Lego inspired design. This iPhone case also comes in yellow and red options. We'll be taking all three!

09. Such a great height

iphone cases

This iPhone case will work either way you're holding your iPhone

This gorgeous design was created by illustrator Budi Satria Kwan, who specialises in green and yellow tones. This illustration entitled 'Such a great height' is a cute and clever offering that will work whichever way you're holding your iPhone!

10. Purple vector

iphone cases

We love the sleek and simple design of this vector series

Vector intersects form and function, with sleek lines and an impact resistant design. It was inspired by the angles of skyscrapers and stealth jets and is pocket friendly, providing access to all functions. Watch the video from designer Shannon Brown, where he talks about his inspiration behind the vector design.

11. Geisha

iphone cases

Geo has a number of iPhone case designs over on his Society6 store

Sheffield based illustrator and designer Geo Law currently works as a freelancer, as well as the Creative Director of Hantu Collective. He's got a number of designs available as iPhone cases on his Society6 page that feature his signature style. Moreover, check out his print sale on his official web store.

12. FeedMe

iphone cases

FeedMe iPhone cases store your essentials such as cash and cards

Who couldn't fall in love with these adorable iPhone cases from Connect Design?! Available in a range of colours from blue to pink and black to green, these cute little critters are able to store your necessities such as headphones, cards and cash whilst still looking adorable. They also come with eye stickers, so you can personalise your iPhone case to suit you.

13. Magic Mountains

iphone cases

We just had to include a seasonal offering...

We had to include a sort of festive-inspired iPhone case and without going too far, we stumbled upon this beautiful illustration from French designer Frederic Levy-Hadida. We love the understated colour-scheme tied in with the simple yet structured imagery.

14. Skate Deck

iphone cases

Sadly, this sillicone skate deck design is now sold out

One for all you skaters out there! Chosen by designer Joyce Joohee Lee from Opening Ceremony, this sillicone case is now sadly sold out. Nevertheless, you've got to admire the inventive design - and yes, it came complete with wheels! This one is definitely one of our favourites on the entire list.

15. Colourways

iphone cases

Look at those colours! Just make sure you don't drop it...

Ok, ok so this might not be the most practical iPhone case on the list but just look at the array of colours! Working as three pieces, the colourways iPhone case creates a prismatic pattern, mixing contemporary lines and bright colours. Not since the finger-painting era has colour had this much fun.

16. Stowaway case

iphone cases

A more understated, practical design from Stowaway

A more understated design than most, this iPhone case is perfect for the designer that usually forgets wallets and such. With this design, you're able to store almost everything you need for the day in your iPhone case. The compartment door also doubles as a stand!

17. X-Protect

iphone cases

The X-Protect is amour for your iPhone!

Looking like it stepped right out of the future, this iPhone case design was made possible by G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology. This is the perfect iPhone case for any of you that regularly treat your iPhone to a tumble as the case acts like armor by momentarily stiffening to absorb over 90% of the force from an impact, and then immediately returning to their natural flexible state.

18. Steampunk

iphone cases

The designer is now taking pre-orders for the next batch of this design

Unfortunately now a sold-out iPhone case, this impeccable design from C. Westbrook Designs came in blue, green, and black. She has had such a huge demand for this design that she has now started taking pre-orders for the next batch. Be quick if you want in!

19. Macintosh

iphone cases

The perfect iPhone case for any Steve Jobs junkie

What Apple fan wouldn't love to get their hands on this retro-inspired iPhone case? This design comes from Schreer Delights is a must for any Steve Jobs junkie. The case simulates the original Mac’s trademark vent grooves, SCSI port, ADB printer, and modem ports as well as a speaker jack.

20. iFoolish

iphone cases

Capture your inspiration on the move with this design from iFoolish

A perfect iPhone case for designers, this design is fitted with a handy drawing pen, which allows you to write and sketch in an environmentally friendly way whilst protecting your iPhone from getting scratched or damaged. There's no app to download either, so start scribbling your inspiration down or make someone smile!

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Have you created an iPhone case you'd like to share? Which one in our list is your favourite? Let us know in the comments box below!

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