The beautiful cardboard creations of Mark O'Brien

It's always refreshing to see new and inventive ways to upcycle materials in a creative way. Based in Manchester, artist and self-confessed 'crazy cardboard craftsman' Mark O'Brien uses the everyday material to its fullest potential.

His work is used for shop displays, illustration, and setmaking or props. He also runs workshops for anybody interested in playing with craft cardboard or other recycled materials. Even when he's not commissioned to create a piece, he often makes pieces for the pure enjoyment of it; that's a spirit we love at Creative Bloq!

These brogues are some of our favourite cardboard creations by Mark

Mark has worked on a number of shop displays as well as art installations including guitars, cameras, drum kits, and even a Mini Cooper. We particularly love his attention to detail; especially in his brogue creations that use old cardboard beer boxes. He's also created a number of Beef Eaters as well as a miniature London Eye.

To see more you can visit Mark's portfolio. If you'd like to own a piece of Mark's work, you can purchase items on his Etsy shop.

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