Classic albums as you've never seen them before

Matt Booth is one of the most inventive designers around. From his glowing skull and his butterfly print to his animal locking series, he always provides a fresh twist on design that we can't help but admire. And that's why we just had to share his latest project with you.

You'd be inSANE not to guess this one...

Average Albums takes iconic record covers, as well as a few of Matt's personal favourites, and creates a colour representation by averaging the colours of each row. It's interesting to see which ones are still recognisable - we were able to gauge a few but struggled with some!

The series includes albums by the likes of Grace Jones, David Bowie, De La Soul, The Beastie Boys and The Beatles. The colour-averaging gives them a completely new look that could even be said to be an improvement on a few selections.

Can't quite figure this one out? Never mind...

So, how many can you get right? Head on over to Matt's Average Albums page and let us know in the comments box below!

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What album would like to see averaged? Let us know below!