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'I am your Father!' New Star Wars family tree

star wars family tree

Click on the image to see the full size family tree

This is one for all you Star Wars fans out there. Although we're sure that many of you will know the connections to each character by heart, this latest creation from designer and illustrator Joe Stone is a fun little design treat to kick off the week in true sci-fi style.

It's no secret that Stone is a huge fan of graphic novels, superheroes and sci-fi classics. After the success of his Marvel family trees, Joe took it upon himself to showcase his love for that galaxy far, far away and create each character and their connection to each other.

Joe says: "Limiting the characters purely to the film and canonical TV series', I went about creating a minimalist icon for each major character before laying them out with lines highlighting their various relationships to one another, whether that be romance, a significant battle or otherwise."

A range of wallpapers are available as wallpapers for your iPhone (both 4/4S and 5 versions) as well as the full family tree for your iPad. All you have to do is pay with a tweet by clicking on the button on this page and show Joe some Twitter love!

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