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Video game art, movie monsters and more in the new ImagineFX

Are we living in the golden age of video games? Looking at issue 103 of ImagineFX, you'd have to say yes.

In this game art special, the secrets of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are revealed - catching up with CD Projekt RED, the studio behind one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2014.

Jagex, the team currently working on a new Transformers game, has earned a reputation as on the UK’s most successful and forward-thinking studios. IFX drop in to find out what it takes to work in the games industry.

Movie monsters

Concept artist Hugo Martin was one of the driving forces behind summer blockbuster Pacific Rim. IFX find out how the drawing skills he learned as a child helped bring mech designs to the multiplex.

Anthony Scott Waters designs monsters for the movies. He reveals how you can fill your concept art with ideas and stories. Dave Kendall creates a steampunk behemoth using Photoshop alternative Manga Studio 5. And Bartłomiej Gaweł explains how he put together this month's cover.

Traditional techniques

Also in this issue, the new 16-page traditional art section returns. Packed with tips and tricks from leading artists, it covers everything from figure drawing to landscape painting. And there's a ton of assets available to download, or, as with the video workshops, watch on the private IFX YouTube page .

Head to the shop to order your copy today, and watch a preview over at YouTube.