Build an AI-powered chatbot

An illustration showing an android with an electronic brain in front of a globe marked with symbols indicated technological advancement, such as binary code, molecules and communications relays.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables us to create new ways of looking at existing problems, from rethinking environmental strategies to how we learn. Your projects – whether apps, web sites or games – can leverage AI to make them more engaging, easier to use and have more valuable results. One such method involves creating a natural-language chatbot to help users interact with your site.

To create your first chatbot, we’ll use Google’s new Dialogflow toolset. It harnesses powerful machine learning as well as speech-to-text. It can be incorporated right into your website as a widget or customised to your needs.

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Richard Mattka

Richard is an award-winning interactive technologist, designer and developer. He specialises in creating interactive worlds with science-fiction themes, exploring the synergy between human and machine. He has also written regular articles for Net Magazine, and Web Designer Magazine on a range of exciting topics across the world of tech, including artificial intelligence, VFX, 3D and more.