Learn to model a 3D person in ZBrush and Maya

Bringing 3D art to life using ZBrush and Maya is a process involving a dozen different disciplines, from sculpting all the way to rendering. Being able to achieve the best result on every single detail certainly takes a lot of time. But, from my experience, it has always been an appreciated quality and ultimately helps you become a better artist.

With this 3D portrait  of Peter Dinklage playing Tyrion Lannister (from Game of Thrones), I tried to capture not only the look of the actor, but his personality, expressions, emotions and, of course, all those details that usually end up being sacrificed just because it takes too much time to create them. This includes elements such as the rings and the jacket pattern.

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Claudio works as a specialised senior character artist at Foundry 42 with over ten years experience in VFX and the games industry. When he is not working on some project, he is teaching his workflow.