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The birth certificate is reborn!

Birth certificates have been issued for centuries now. But this important identification document's design has seen little in the form of change over the years. So the team at creative agency IWANT took upon themselves to bring into the modern age with this cool redesign.

Created as part of Icon Magazine's 'Rethink' feature, which invites designers to reimagine everyday objects in creative ways, IWANT maintained some of the certificate's traditional design elements, while at the same time given it a modern twist.

Out with the old...

The redesign includes all of the original information currently found on a birth certificate but in a much more visually pleasing way, using simple graphics to convey certain details. The design also adds new features, such as hand and foot prints, birth location coordinates and astrological details.

It comes in four different colours, depending on which season the birth takes place. And to finish, the certificate comes presented in a thick white envelope, sealed with a black wax stamp - a magical touch.

We really like this design, mainly for the brilliant balance of old and new incorporated into it. The certificate still looks and feels important and official, especially with the use of black foil watermarked onto heavy weight card, but also has a sophisticated, modern edge to it too.

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