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Books that inspired Tolkien get gorgeous new cover art

tolkien inspired cover art

Penguin once again come up trumps in the cover art stakes

When it comes to inspiring cover art, there's little to beat the best Penguin book covers. In recent years, the publisher has given a succession of classic books a fresh look, creating an (often controversial) reimagined cover for many beloved stories.

Now it's given a face-lift to the Legends from the Ancient North series that inspired J R R Tolkien when he was penning The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Designed by Petra Borner, the colourful cover graphics have given the books a new lease of life, highlighting the incredible creatures and heroes showcased throughout the pages in a way that will resonate with a modern audience.

We can only hope that the orange circles are stickers, though, otherwise the beautiful artwork may be a little ruined!

tolkien inspired cover art

tolkien inspired cover art

See more work from Petra Borner over on her website.

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