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How to draw a vile vampire hand

vampire hand talons

Learn how to create this ghastly vampire hand, complete with talons, clutching a vial of its own blood

Vampires come in different forms and shapes, and so you've got lots of options when learning how to draw their hands to get the desired unnatural look. To give it a bit of context I've painted mine holding a grail cup.

It enables vampires to drink their own blood in extremes circumstances when there are no unwilling victims in the vicinity. It's a painful solution, and as such is only used as a last resort. Also note that I've exaggerated the colour of the blood, to create contrast with the blue background. 

01. Clutching creepy

vamp hand

I begin with my image in Grayscale and then do a quick sketch on a new layer (pictured in green) to help me to understand how the bones are working when holding the grail. I then use the Liquify tool to push the bones back into the hand and make the knuckles pop out more. This makes the hand look creepy.

02. Colours of the crypt

veiny vampire hand

I add a new layer above my background and draw veins with a blue-ish green colour. I set the layer to Overlay or Multiply mode and erase the parts that I don’t need. I then paint a thin, blue-ish skin through which you can see the veins on a new layer set to Color, before erasing where necessary.

03. Loathsome layering

vile vampire hand

I add a new layer above my background that's set to Color mode. I then use the Radial Gradient tool, setting Color to zero per cent opacity to bring in blue-ish and green tones.

I drop my layers and paint in a backlight and the last few details. Finally, I add old, long nails to give the vamp a monstrous look.

Words: Remko Troost

Born in Amsterdam, Remko is a senior concept artist with several years' experience in the film a video game industries. This article originally appeared in ImagineFX issue 57.

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