Stylised portraits showcase global heroes

Who are the inspirational people in your life? This is a question that digital artist Bram Vanhaeren recently asked himself and was the catalyst for this new, brilliant illustrative series 'On the Wall'.

"About two weeks ago, I decided to share my inspirations by creating portraits," he says. "I started by drawing my sporting heroes and athletes who have inspired me to do better and helped others as well. But I will be drawing other inspirational figures as well. Artists, actors, politicians. We'll see what time brings!"

Simple but energetic

"I would describe my style to be a very energetic one. I love to draw in black and white and keep it simple but honest. Through my illustrations I honour my inspirators and influencers, so I want to make sure I kept it realistic but also ensure people recognise the work was created by a young friend, doing something he really enjoys."

I would describe my style to be a very energetic one

Vanhaeren already has over a dozen of these eye-catching, stylistic illustrations in the collection, which includes portraits of Steve Jobs, Will Smith, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Stefan Sagmeister, Jay-Z and his own brother Stef Vanhaeren. Creating new illustrations almost daily, we can't wait to see who he'll choose next.

Serena Williams

Michael Jordan


Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh

Will Smith

Stef Vanhaeren

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