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Image of the week: Players

image of the week

Another inspiring illustrative work - this week from Daniel Ralph

Do you visit Creative Bloq every day looking for a burst of illustrative inspiration? Well, what you may not realise is that there's a lot more where that came from on our free iPad app, Design Spring, which features hundreds of incredible illustrations, is fully searchable and is updated daily (you can download the app here).

To give you an idea of what's on offer, every week we'll be selecting one image we feel deserves as wide an audience as possible. This week it's this illustration by Daniel Ralph, a designer and illustrator, obsessed with visual communication and creative problem solving.

How he made it

"When given an open brief to create a print for the charity exhibition I knew I wanted to create something new and not rely on my back-catalogue of personal illustrations, I struggled to find inspiration or stick to a single idea. I created and started many things and as I’m currently experimenting with different techniques and illustrative styles, I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to produce.

"At the time I was listening to a lot of old school hip-hop and this inspired me to think about my old mix-tapes. One illustration I had created at this time was a repeat pattern involving interlocking foam hands and I think I subconsciously decided to put the two together and this formed the idea for ‘Players’. The image was created in Adobe illustrator and I had great fun researching images of classic 'Ghetto Blasters'. The subject of the print and seeing many different pictures of guys looking pretty cool carrying them on their shoulders gave me the name for the print.

"The main challenge I faced was that it was my first screen print so had a lot to learn about producing an image for screening. One thing I hadn’t considered was trapping and it took me a few attempts to get this right."

You can purchase the from Daniel's online store.

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