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Gorgeous atlas illustrations help kids picture the planet

Polish designers Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy of Hipopotam Studio specialise in creating online, interactive fun projects and designing books for children. And this Maps project is a prime example of the latter.

A beautiful, illustrated atlas, the book is composed of 51 maps, full of details and curiosities, presenting six continents and 42 selected countries. The duo created over 4000 illustrations and designed two type faces - Mrs White and Cartographer - just for this book.

This gorgeous hardcover is a visual feast, featuring illustrations of not only cities, rivers and borders but also places of historical and cultural interest. The duo have also included countless pictograms of eminent personalities, characteristic animals and plants and ways of spending free time in the hope of encouraging readers desire to learn more about each place. (See our map illustration tutorial to make your own custom maps.)

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