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Hundreds of tiny drawings form the bigger picture

Here at Creative Bloq, we're lucky enough to see inspirational work on a daily basis. And occassionally, we come across projects that simply blows our minds, like this piece, titled 'and when you lose control', by Armenian artist Davit Yukhanyan.

From a distance, the illustration of two octopus wrapped around a ram is impressive enough. But on closer inspection, you see the full extent of Yukhanyan's talent and imagination as you realise the bigger picture is made of hundreds of smaller, intricate drawings.

We torn between being massively in awe of Yukhanyan's talent and feeling slightly uneasy when fully inspecting the content of this piece, which, amongst other things, feature humans with animal heads and vice versa. But there's no doubt this is one of the most intricate and intruguing illustrations we've ever seen.

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