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Create sci-fi art visions with the new ImagineFX

ImagineFX, the number one magazine for digital artists, is now on sale, and Fred Augis' bright, confident cover image is just a taster of what's inside this month's sci-fi art special. Want to know more? Check out a preview of issue 119 below...

Here are just some of the highlights of ImagineFX issue 119...

Warp speed workshops!

Our workshop artists include Long Pham concepting a dynamic spaceship image, Brenton Cottman depicting a planetary expedition, and Remko Troost painting a space-age priestess using a variety of custom Photoshop brushes.

Set features for stun!

Known for his epic futuristic art, Stephan Martiniere talks about his tough upbringing and reveals his surprising links with '80s cartoon Inspector Gadget, while self-taught Jose Cabrera's scenes of past and future warfare have a terrible beauty about them.

A.I. (art insights!)

The great modern-day realist Donato Giancola uses oils and acrylics to show emotional robots, while James Gurney builds a maquette for his distinctive dino art.

We discover the work ethic behind powerhouse effects studio MPC, highlight examples of street art from around the around – and the talented artists behind them – and solve your art woes in our regular Q&A section.

Buy ImagineFX issue 119 today!