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Be bold with black and white with the new IFX

Imagine FX new issue - 134

Celebrate monochrome by exploring the bold power of values in greyscale art

On the cover of this month's ImagineFX, Karla Ortiz's assassin coolly assesses the situation on the city rooftops. It's a great introduction to the power of black and white art, and inside the issue just keeps getting better.

This month's pro artists excel themselves as they reveal how you can improve your compositions, combine 3D models with 2D art and be clever with colour and lighting.

Donglu Yu explains what it takes to be a concept artist, the IFX team talk to popular Dutch artist Lois Van Baarle and a small outfit that goes by the name of Industrial Light & Magic open the doors to its art department.

Get your copy of ImagineFX 134 today!

Want to know more? Here's a preview of the new issue:

Also included in issue 134...

Imagine FX issue 134 - Loish

Learn how digital artist Lois Van Baarle's The Art of Loish book achieved its funding target in a matter of hours.

Imagine FX issue 134 - Randy Bishop

US artist Randy Bishop is a character designer who likes to sketch kooky characters with a capital 'K'.

Imagine FX issue 134 - Stephane Richard

By following the techniques of the Old Masters, Stephane Richard creates a stunning character piece using 3D and 2D software.

Imagine FX issue 134 - Anand Radhakrishnan

Colouring from imagination helps strengthen Anand Radhakrishnan's traditional painting skill set.

There's also a whopping 10 hours of video, and 20 custom Photoshop brushes for you to try out. So, don't delay, buy your copy today!