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Paint winning card art with the help of ImagineFX

Card art marries the two disciplines of painting fantastic-looking art, and making it work in an area of just a few square centimetres. Anna Steinbauer, this issue's cover artist, paints for Magic: The Gathering and passes on a few tip and tricks in her workshop. Matt Zeilinger's cyberpunk-themed workshop is straight out of Fantasy Flight's Android: Netrunner TCG, so he knows how to make cool art work on a small scale.

There's more: we've got an exclusive look at Magic's latest desk, Shadows Over Innistrad, Alex Jay Brady combines 3D with 2D tools to paint a futuristic vehicle, Ross Dearsley applies a concept art approach to his illustrations, and we pore over the delights within Rodney Matthews' sketchbook.

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Also inside issue 136:

We chart the development of a spectacular proof-of-concept video that made 20th Century Fox sit up and take notice.

Bigger isn't always best: three people make up North Front Studio, yet this boutique outfit is making waves with its concept art work.

Arthur Sadlos reveals how a minor detail in an earlier painting of his inspired him to explore that character’s desert world.

This Bristol-based art collective is bringing together comic artists – as well as writers and publishers – for the greater good of sequential art.

There's also a massive collection of custom Photoshop brushes available with this issue – 188, no less – along with over seven hours of exclusive video. So get hold of your copy today, or subscribe to the best digital art magazine in the universe!