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5 awesome Star Wars infographics

As with most of the sentient world, we're big fans of the Star Wars franchise here at Creative Bloq. We're eagerly anticipating the next three episodes but in the meantime we've scoured the web for artwork based on the existing films and found these 5 brilliant infographics that we just had to share with you. Enjoy!

Star Wars facts

Star Wars infographic

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Kicking off the list is this daddy of all Star Wars infographics, which breaks down the space saga universe. The epic illustration features a timeline of the six episodes, cast and characters, comparison of performance and highlights major characters.

And if that wasn't enough, there's even more interesting Star Wars facts all summed up at the bottom in an awesome Darth Vader shaped design.

19 things you didn't know about Star Wars

Star Wars infographic

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We really like this inforgraphic by Ellie Koning, not just for the brilliant design but for its originality. Rather than opting to use famous quotes, pictures and sayings, Koning has found a selection of less well-known facts about the films.

So not only is it a visual feast for the eyes, it's also very informative and, er, surprising in places. Did you know that voice of Yoda Frank Oz is also the voice behind Miss Piggy? Silly us, of course you did!

Star Wars family tree

Star Wars infographics

Joe Stone uses minimalist icons for each character and different coloured lines to indicate their relationships

This brilliant Star Wars family tree infographic was created by designer and illustrator Joe Stone. He comments online: "As a huge Star Wars fan, I had to make this family tree.

"Limiting the characters purely to the film and canonical TV series, I went about creating a minimalist icon for each each major character before laying them out with lines higlighting their various relationships to one another, whether that be romance, a significant battle or otherwise." Awesome.

35 years of Star Wars

Star Wars infographics

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If you missed any important information from the first few decades of Star Wars, fear not, this brilliant, detailed infographic will fill you in. Designed by Karl Tate, this piece goes right back to 1936, highlighting inspirations behind the saga.

Created for the 35th anniversary of Star Wars last year, this infographic includes everything from characters birthdays, significant scenes, comic book releases and much, much more.

Star Wars occupation

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Have you ever wondered, if you starred in a Star Wars film, what character you'd be most suited to? If so, this infographic by Bobby Bernethy could come in handy.

Start by deciding whether you consider yourself a rebel and follow the flowchart to see if you're most suited to a sith apprentice, ewok chief, bounty hunter, jedi knight, death star laser operator or Jabba's slave girl.

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