10 top movie infographics

From outsmarting Predator and avoiding aliens to just how the infamous flux capacitor works, these infographics all provide interesting facts on some of the best loved movies of all time. We've collected together the best infographics (opens in new tab) about movies to inspire you. If these inspire you to try some data visualisation for yourself, take a look at our list of top infographic tools (opens in new tab).

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01. Interstellar (opens in new tab)

This infographic makes sense of Interstellar's timeline
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The 2014 sci-fi smash-hit Interstellar was visually stunning, but with a plot that hangs off the theories of quantum mechanics, it left more than one viewer scratching their head and reaching for the rewind button. This beautifully rendered movie infographic lays out the timeline for us, complete with character timelines to help make sense of the storyline. 

It’s the work of Frametale (opens in new tab), an entertainment marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles and Instanbul, led by creative director Dogan Can Gundogdu. 

02. Star Wars Episode IV (opens in new tab)

Click the image to explore the full (much more impressive) infographic
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Why sit through the whole of Star Wars Episode IV again, when you can instead savour it in infographic form? SWANH.net (opens in new tab), created by Swiss illustrator Martin Panchaud, turns the first Star Wars movie into an epic 123m infographic. Created in Illustrator CC (opens in new tab), using 157 pictures across 22 separate files, it took him over a year to produce.

03. Die Hard (opens in new tab)

Brilliant Die Hard infographics break down body counts, explosions and much more
(opens in new tab)

This brilliant Die Hard infographic breaks down body counts, explosions, plot points and much more – and there's one for each of the five films (opens in new tab) in the franchise. Having a certain way with words, we particularly like the addition of John McClane's more memorable and humorous lines.

04. Pulp Fiction (opens in new tab)

Click the icon to enlarge the image
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Designer, photographer and Tarantino fan Noah Daniel Smith (opens in new tab) has shuffled cult classic Pulp Fiction (opens in new tab) back into chronological order in this detail-packed infographic. Back in 2012, Smith sold over 1,000 posters of his design via a Kickstarter campaign, and it’s since soared in popularity. Each character is assigned their own colour, but there’s also different line styles employed depending on whether they’re ‘moving’, ‘not moving’ or ‘dead’. Handy.

There's also a Kill Bill version (opens in new tab) for fellow Tarantino enthusiasts.

05. Back to the Future (opens in new tab)

The creative team at Sloshspot break down exactly how the flux capacitor sends Marty and Doc Brown on their many adventures
(opens in new tab)

An '80s classic, Back to the Future is a firm film favourite for many. With such a big following, there are hundreds of pieces of BTTF fan art online, including this brilliant infographic by the team at Sloshspot, which provides great insight on how the legendary flux capacitor makes time travel possible.

06. Inception (opens in new tab)

A simple but beautiful design for the 2010 brain-scrambling movie Inception by graphic designer Rick Slusher
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We love this simple but beautiful infographic for Christopher Nolan's 2010 blockbuster movie Inception. Let's face it, given how complex the film is, a little bit of simplicity to explain it goes a long way. The illustration was created by New York-based graphic designer Rick Slusher (opens in new tab). His elegant summary of the film depicts each character as a coloured line, and the layers of dreams as concentric circles.

07. Batman (opens in new tab)

The comic book style shows how the Batmobile has evolved a lot over time
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Batman has many amazing gadgets, but one thing that makes him one of the coolest superheroes is his Batmobile. The vehicle's design has come a long way over the years, being continually updated to look sexier, sleeker and to incorporate the fanciest of tools. This infographic from Car Insurance charts just how much Batman's trusty Batmobile has changed throughout its history.

08. Star Wars (opens in new tab)

Random facts, strategically placed, create this cool Darth Vader design
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Such a popular franchise, Star Wars fans everywhere are constantly creating artwork inspired by George Lucas' story. And this original design, based on Darth Vader's helmet, is another of our favourites. Type detailing random facts about the films have been strategically placed to create the clever design.

09. Alien vs Predator (opens in new tab)

Useful tips for surviving Predator or aliens
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While it's an incredibly small possibility, it's worth taking a look at Steven Taubman (opens in new tab)'s handy infographic about our chances of survival should two of the deadliest extra terrestrial lifeforms take over the world. Basically, humans wouldn't stand a chance. But it does provide some useful tips, should you encounter Predator or a face hugger. Although we're not sure how effective a bag over the head would be!

10. 250 best movies of all time (opens in new tab)

Is your favourite film in this cool subway-inspired infographic?
(opens in new tab)

This impressive subway-inspired map of movies was created by designer David Honorat (opens in new tab). The map shows the 250 best movies, as voted by IMDb.com users in June 2009, with the legend detailing genre of film instead of train lines. Take a look at the cinematographic subway plan and see how many stations you've already visited.

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