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Oscars infographic: The 85th Academy Awards in data

Oscars Academy Awards infographic

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There's no denying that the buzz for the 85th Academy Awards is in full swing, as the ceremony is only a few days away. After the nominations were announced there were cries about the snubbed, debates about the nominees, and whispers of who is going to wear what.

Thankfully, illustrator Sam Gilbey has crafted this 'Oscars in numbers' infographic for the team over at Virgin Movies. His portraits are inspired by a lifelong passion for popular culture; painted digitally by hand, they've been featured in everything from television to magazines, exhibitions to movie test shoots.

Sam says, "As you can imagine, I had lots of fun putting this one together, figuring out the composition and balancing out the design and typography with all the illustrations needed. Basically I created a nice tight grid to build everything on, and used various weights of Museo Sans to bring it all together and add interest.

"With the wealth of information to be presented (in terms of the statistics themselves and the visual complexity), locking the palette down to black, white and red (and grey) seemed like a natural way to unite everything and ensure that it packed a punch."

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Are you excited for the Oscars? Do you have a piece of Academy Awards data that's not included in the infographic? Let us know in the comments box below!