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Who's your design alter-ego? Find out here!

design alter-ego

Click the image to launch the design alter-ego test!

Even if you don't know everything about design history you're more influenced by the events and movements of the past than you think. That's the view of the Open University, which has created 'Design in a nutshell to help you find out exactly what kind of design influences have shaped your outlook.

Click on the image above, and you'll get the lowdown on six key design movements before taking a quick test to discover who your design alter-ego is. The questions are based on personal taste, so it will be interesting to see the outcome!

The videos focus on the likes of the Gothic Revival, Bauhaus, Modernism and American Industrial Design. So, are you a bit postmodern, or do you belong in the Bauhaus? Watch the videos then take the test. Don't forget to let us know your results!

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So, who was your design alter-ego? Let us know in the comments box below!