USA Today launches innovative new iPad app

Redesigned USA Today iPad app offers two different page formats depending on the time of day - this is the evening 'grid' view

National daily newspaper USA Today has launched a new version of its iPad app, with the key USP that it presents the news differently based on what time of day it is.

The iPad Mini-optimized app is redesigned from the ground-up, offering more photos, videos, and audio, and a more polished interface with the ability for users to prioritise the type of updates they want to see most.

Customizable information panel gives you all the information you need in a tap

But USA Today is pinning hopes on the dual presentation format for the day's stories - in the morning you can see a truncated, concise version of the news in the 'list' view, then in the evening the stories are presented with extra photos in the 'grid' view.

Other new features include a quick information panel that lets people choose from the latest sports scores, weather alerts, stocks, and so on, plus there is improved social media integration.

What do you think of USA Today's new iPad app? Is the morning/evening view an innovation or just a gimmick? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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