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Design concept visualizes iPhone Mini running iOS 7

There are so many rumours regarding the next Apple product, never a day seems to pass without another 'is this the next iPhone/iPad/Macbook?' blog post. Here at Creative Bloq, we get excited about the design of upcoming Apple hardware and software, of course, but we don't tend to put too much faith in the myriad concepts and predictions unless something really stands out.

Rumours that have repeatedly surfaced in the build-up to Apple's next keynote include a smaller iPhone 'Mini', coloured iPhones akin to the latest iPod Touch, and a Jonathan Ive-influenced flat design iOS 7. So when we spotted Martin Hajek's concept which - thanks to Spanish designer Dámaso Benítez's iOS 7 proposal - combines all three, we were interested.

Hajek has not only rendered some great, want-me images of what the 'cheap' iPhone could look like, he has also placed them on a faux Apple Store, including a cheeky nod to other potential iThings including the iWatch. So come on Apple - give us something like this at this year's WWDC!

iPhone Mini running iOS 7

iPhone Mini running iOS 7 2

iPhone Mini running iOS 7 3

iPhone Mini running iOS 7 4

[via Cult of Mac]

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