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Jay-Z's "99 problems" brought to illustrated life

It's hard to think of one issue that multi-millionaire rapper mogul Jay-Z might have, let alone 99 problems, as stated in his early-2000s hit of the same name. However, that hasn't stopped UK artist Ali Graham not only speculating, but illustrating what those nearly 100 nuisances might be.

Every day for the last few weeks, Graham has created a new illustrated adventure of the rap superstar. Currently almost half way through, the talented freelance artist has 41 illustrations in his collection so far.

The humorous project sees the rapper illustrated, cartoon style, facing problems that include the difficulty of nothing rhyming with orange, running out of toilet roll, having scary dreams and being subjected to unimaginative branding. A brilliantly funny concept - we can't wait to see what problematic scenarios Graham places Jay-Z in over the coming weeks.

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