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Mesmerizing minimal moving logo for BNC 2013

The Brand New Conference is an annual one-day event organised by design firm Underconsideration, which focuses on the practice of corporate and brand identity - a direct extension of the popular blog, Brand New.

This year, the cool, animated conference identity was influenced by logo trends of recent years. The team behind it comment on the BNC website: "For this iteration of the conference identity we latched on to one of the funnier trends in logo design in the last couple of years, best summed up in this Tumblr: Your Logo is Not Hardcore.

"This year, to make the name fit in the quadrants within the 'X' we went with BNC13 (where '13' is its own unit). We first designed each letter in a minimal, Caesars Palace-esque style that we then forced all of its vector points to fit within a square grid inside a triangle, nicely and not nicely.

"To punctuate the identity and to celebrate is clunky, default-ish, style what better font than Helvetica? It’s not actually a rhetoric question: We used Christian Schwartz’s Neue Haas Grotesk which is the only usable version of the entity known as 'Helvetica'."

The Brand New Conference logo features stylish typograhy and graphics

The Brand New Conference logo features stylish typograhy and graphics

For more information on the 2013 BNC logo, visit the Underconsideration website.

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