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Electrolux unveils brand new visual identity

Electrolux logo

NEW LOGO: The new font was created specially for the Electrolux logo

Logo designs can make or break your company – there's been stellar examples through the years with big brands like Coca-Cola, Fed-Ex and Nike proving that a simple logo can stand the test of time. It's the first visual representation and one that will stay with your consumer for the right – or wrong – reasons.

OLD LOGO: The typeface was beginning to look a little tired

OLD LOGO: The typeface was beginning to look a little tired

Electrolux has been the leader in home and professional appliances since 1909. Now it's unveiled a brand new identity with an original font that's unique to Electrolux.

The logo was designed by Prophet in London, who worked in close partnership with the Electrolux marketing team on the project. "We set out to create a visual identity that would enable Electrolux to tell its story to the world in an appealing way," says Hector Pottie, Associate Partner and Creative Director from Prophet, London.

"It was crucial to present the benefit of a product and not focus on features. In addition, the identity has to work hard to stand out from the crowd and unify the brand at every point people encounter the brand."

"With such a distinctive symbol at the forefront, it communicates modern and innovative while maintaining the associations of trust and quality that consumers have come to expect from our brand," explains Electrolux's chief marketing officer MaryKay Kopf.

In the video above, you can witness the number of identities throughout the years, with varying typefaces and big differences in term of visual aesthetics.

"The new visual identity will build greater recognition by engaging people in a positive and emotional way; helping to inspire them, identify key benefits and find what they are looking for," Kopf adds.

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