The 5 biggest logo designs of July 2014

As creatives, we constantly strive to reinterpret the world in new and visually exciting ways. Yet we can also be conservative and often have a knee-jerk reaction to something new.

So, on the day a new logo design is launched for a familiar brand, the first reactions are usually negative. Once some time has passed and the new design has been seen in action, though, it can be a different story.

Here we take a look back at the month's biggest new designs and redesigns: with a bit of fresh perspective, what do you think of them now?

01. Airbnb

The new logo features a specially created symbol, called Bélo

Airbnb is a popular web service enabling you to rent rooms in your home out on a per-night basis for those looking for an alternative to hotels. This month it unveiled a new website design and logo, which raised eyebrows for four reasons.

Firstly, it gave the new logo symbol a name - Bélo - and explained that it was "the universal symbol of belonging", which seemed like a slight case of PR overreach. Secondly, it allowed users of Airbnb to make their own version of the logo - an interesting marketing move that other web brands will no doubt be watching carefully.

The old cartoony logo has outlived its usefulness

Thirdly, it attracted complaints that it was too similar to another company's logo. And finally (and there's no polite way of putting this) it provoked considerable social media chatter over whether it looked most like male or female genitalia.

02. Penguin Press

The new logo was created by Pentagram

Penguin Press is a mainly non-fiction imprint of Penguin Random House books, that's been around for 11 years now. This year the company decided to give it a new look, and worked with Michael Bierut at Pentagram to create a new identity (above) that establishes an iconic symbol for the imprint.

The previous wordmark (below) had been almost illegible when reproduced at smaller sizes and particularly suffered onscreen, a liability in the age of social media

The old logo did not look good on smaller screens

The designers decided to drop 'The' and focused on working with the 'PP' acronym. Noticing the similarity to ¶, the proofreader’s symbol for a paragraph (known as a pilcrow) they came up with an evocative symbol that looks at once modern and classic.

03. Foursquare

foursquare new logo

The new logo is cleaner and more professional looking

Location-based social networking app Foursquare unveiled a brand new logo and branding this month, alongside an entirely new app platform.

The company has removed its check-in system – once the app's USP – to become a slimmed-down local guidebook personalised to your tastes, akin to Yelp or Google Maps, and the new look (above) has been designed to reflect that.

foursquare new logo

The old Foursquare logo was a lot bouncier

The new logo design is a far cry from its bouncier predecessor (above). Designed in collaboration with New York agency Red Antler, the all-caps wordmark presents a cleaner and more professional face to the world. As with the Airbnb rebrand, it's an evolution broadly in line with the way most web logos have been evolving, from eBay to Yahoo.

04. Walmart: Women Owned

Women Owned: does what it says on the logo

We're used to seeing labels on our supermarket goods identifying that they're low in fat, sourced locally, gluten free and so on. Now Walmart has released a new logo indicating that a particular product is made by a company owned by women.

The logo was created in consultation with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and WEConnect International. Lingerie brand Smart & Sexy and Maggie’s Salsa are among the companies that plan to use it.

05. Inter Milan

The new logo: an evolution not a revolution

The Football Club officially known as Internazionale Milano, but more commonly referred to as Internazionale, Inter or Inter Milan, has a new logo (above), designed by fellow countrymen Leftloft.

It's not a big departure from the previous design (below), but on close inspection does have simplified lines, fewer circles, and no longer carries the star on top.

Old logo: the star is no more

What do you think of these logo redesigns? Let us know in the comments box below!