Explore fonts like a ninja

If you've ever been dazzled by impressive web fonts that you've spotted, but you've been frustrated in your efforts to find out what they actually are, here's a simple, free solution that you can use to identify and even download fonts online.

No more combing through swathes of CSS to identify a sexy web font!

Created by Paris-based studio Creaktif, Fontface Ninja is a browser plugin that's splendidly easy to use; just hover over the font that you want to identify, and it pops up with the font name as well as the point size and line spacing. If you want a clearer look at the font, you can also use it to hide any background images as well.

Not only that, it also enables you to try it out for yourself in a browser window, and download it as well if you're really keen. Although if you like a font, you're encouraged to buy it; the type lovers at Creaktif are keen that Fontface Ninja isn't simply used to steal fonts, and they've made it easy for type designers to contact them and get their fonts made non-downloadable.

You can even try out fonts in the browser window

Fontface Ninja is available now as a plugin for Chrome and Safari, or as a bookmarklet to use in other browsers.