The future of the MacBook could look radically different

Two designs of a dual screen MacBook
(Image credit: Apple)

Physical keyboards may end up being a thing of the past with Apple winning its newest patent for dual screen MacBooks. Three years after submitting, the tech giants have finally won the patent for MacBooks to feature dual screens with one screen to act as a virtual keyboard equipped with a whole load of new tricks. 

The patent shows a MacBook with virtual keyboard that could supposedly allow users to move the trackpad, surface charge Apple products, and use gestures to type similar to the Swipe to Type keyboard that arrived with the iOS 13 update. Seeing as the many of the latest MacBook Pros feature the Touch Bar, having an entirely virtual keyboard doesn't seem like an unrealistic feat. If you haven't got your hands on your own MacBook yet, then make sure to the best MacBook to buy in 2021. 

The dual screen Macs may have a trackpad you can move around the screen.  (Image credit: Apple)

A concept design of a touch screen keyboard being typed on by a pair of hands.

(Image credit: Apple)

According to the patent, the keyboard may also be able to double up as a games controller and the keyless space bar will be able to support new gestures like slides to assist users with things like auto-correct. 

While there is no guarantee that the dual screen MacBook will be gracing the Apple shelves anytime soon, the internet has been quick to joke about the potential Mac,  and immediately began pointing out the impracticalities of the design. One Twitter user asked "and it has a modest starting price of $75,000?" while Redditors began unpacking the possible durability issues.

apple_patents_dual_screen_macbook_with_glass from r/apple
apple_patents_dual_screen_macbook_with_glass from r/apple
apple_patents_dual_screen_macbook_with_glass from r/apple

As with all patents, this design is not for definite, but we would be interested to see how Apple goes about making this futuristic device and what new tricks it would have to offer. We can't help but think of a Nintendo DS when we imagine a dual-screen MacBook (which our nostalgic side loves it, by the way) While this design suggests scrapping keys altogether, one of its other recent patents proposes to disguise a detachable mouse as one of the keys. If you don't want to wait for new kit, then check out the best Apple Deals available now. 

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