LG's astonishing new TV is both flat AND curved

LG's new 'bendable' TV (Image credit: LG)

You'd be forgiven for thinking there isn't much more room for innovation in the world of TVs. Sure, they can keep getting bigger and brighter, but that's about it, right? Well, if LG's latest futuristic invention is anything to go by, the next generation of TVs might be able to quite literally bend to your will.

At this week's virtual CES 2021 event, LG has revealed a new 48-inch TV that can, with the push of a single button, transform from flat to curved. Could it be the first display to hit our best 4K monitors and best curved monitors lists simultaneously? 

The 48-inch 'Bendable CSO Display' can essentially be used as a flatscreen TV for films and shows, and transform to a much more immersive curved display when required. Curved screen are particularly useful for gaming and creative work, allowing you to find the ultimate comfortable angle, with yourself in the centre.

The display features some other futuristic innovations, including Cinematic Sound OLED technology. Instead of using traditional speakers, this creates sound by vibrating the entire display (subtly, we hope). 

But much like the company's brand new LG Rollable smartphone, the most impressive thing is that magical-looking transition (below). There's just something about seeing a product transform smoothly into something else, whether it's a phone turning into a tablet, or a TV turning into, well, a more curved TV. 

LG bendable TV

The curving process in action (Image credit: LG)

That said, LG's bending TV does feel a little more of a luxury than its rolling phone/tablet hybrid. Whereas many people (particularly creatives) carry both a smartphone and a tablet, there are probably fewer cases in which a 2-in-1 display is actually useful. If you use a curved display for creative work, for example, you may well prefer to have it on a separate desk (or indeed in a separate room) to where you watch TV.

That might explain why, while the LG Rollable is due for release this year, the Bendable CSO Display remains a concept at this stage. There's currently no release date, and the only information available is a few tech specs and the promotional video above, via LG's CES 2021 virtual showroom

Still, we wouldn't be surprised to see the bending TV become a reality in the near future. It wouldn't even be the weirdest (and by no means the most pointless) TV we've seen in recent months – that dubious honour still belongs to Xiaomi’s bizarre transparent TV. If you're looking for a brilliant new TV right now, check out our best TV deals below, and don't forget to swing by our January Sales page for even more offers. 

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